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Tree Trimming Service New Port Richey FL

Tree Trimming Service Contractors New Port Richey, Florida

You might think that a tree service is all about tree removal, but one of the most straightforward ways of tending to plants is tree trimming services. By keeping your trees manicured, they can grow efficiently all year long.

While it’s usually hot and muggy in New Port Richey, FL, it can get chilly, too. As the weather and seasons change, your trees collect dead materials and overgrowth.

The ideal way of keeping them at their best is to hire Hayes Tree Service. As your local tree trimming experts, we offer a variety of care services, such as:

  • Tree Pruning

  • Deadwood Trimming

  • Tree Crowning

  • Palm Tree Trimming

  • Tree Shaping

  • Tree Crown Reduction

  • Arborist Trimming


Whatever you need to keep your trees lush and vibrant, you can count on us. See the difference our contractors make for your tree trimming services.

Tree Pruning

Even though your trees seem green from the kitchen window, looks can be deceiving. It isn’t until you take a  closer look that you see spotted leaves and bugs.

Tree pruning carefully snips away any plant growth that impacts the health of your trees. This includes diseased limbs, overgrown branches, and compacted branch unions.  

The right team for tree trimming keeps your trees looking clean and healthy every day. Improve your trees now with our experienced service contractors.

Palm Tree Trimming

Keeping your palm trees trimmed is about more than improving their appearances. These plants are known nesting locations of rats, scorpions, birds, and other nuisances.

Over time, palm fronds die off but stay connected to the tree. When ignored long enough, they weave into a thick, spiky shield.

No matter how overgrown your palm trees stay, we can trim them all. Keep your plants healthier and growing at their best today.

A worker for Hayes Tree Service has climbed a palm tree and is trimming it with a chainsaw

Tree Crowning

Some homeowners find that their trees offer a little too much shade. The lower branches keep the crown crowded, blocking out lots of light and fresh air.

Tree crowning takes away the low-hanging secondary branches, thereby raising the crown. Even though we aren’t making the tree taller, it appears that way after working on the shape.

The process gets even more challenging with older, mature trees. Make sure you give them the best care with our contractors.

Deadwooding Trim Service New Port Richey, FL

A frequent misconception among homeowners is that if a limb dies, it detaches. While it may pop off in the wind, they don’t always come crashing down.

The longer they stay connected, the more hazardous they can become. That is especially true if you have young kids or pets playing in the yard.

Our team locates and eliminates any dead branches still connected to your trees. Once our contractors remove them, your plants will stay healthier for longer.

Tree Crown Reduction

One of the trickiest trimming services is for tree crown reduction. Over time, a tree’s canopy can become too crowded, causing problems and health concerns.

We carefully snip away any unneeded crown limbs to keep it sparser. That helps not only the primary tree but the surrounding yard as well.

It can also be incredibly easy to eliminate the wrong branches. Give your tree the care it needs by calling us, your trusted contractor.

Tree Shaping

You don’t realize how long it’s been since the trees were trimmed until they seem shaggy. By that point, the limbs are dense, thick, and dangerous to remove on your own.

Lopsided trees are more than an eyesore and promote unhealthy growth. The sun usually doesn’t shine on the whole plant, and it receives less airflow, too.

Our team keeps your trees shaped and cleanly manicured each week. Stop fighting with overgrown branches and leave them all to us.

A small decorative tree that has just been pruned by hayes tree service

Arborist Trimming Services New Port Richey, FL

Anyone with a pair of shears can hack off plant materials. It takes a team of experienced arborists to know which ones should stay.

You may get lucky for a while, but eventually, you hit a terminal branch. Then, the entire tree suffers from your mistake.

Our contractors know where your trees need trimming. Hire us at Hayes Tree Service today.

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