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Palm Tree Trimming New Port Richey FL

Palm Tree Trimming New Port Richey, Florida

Nothing shouts loudest, “Welcome to Florida,” like the palm trees and sunshine. Well-maintained palm trees look incredible, and if you feel like the palm trees in your home aren’t looking as good, worry no more!


Hayes Tree Service will trim your palm trees and make your home the talk of New Port Richey. We are so good at our job that we are one of the state's highest-ranked tree service companies.


No doubt that trimmed and healthy palm trees increase your home’s appeal and value if you intend to sell it. We are dedicated to bringing that transformation and making your home a sight to behold.

No job is ever too big or too small for our professional team. Our company has helped homeowners and commercial property owners avoid tree disasters and beautify their surroundings for several years now, and customers can’t get enough of our services.


Our arborists believe that palm trimming is an art and are always eager to showcase their proper pruning skills. Whether you want better views of your surroundings, maintain privacy, or improve the health of your palm trees, our company is the virtuoso of palm tree care at your service.

Every tree is unique and requires special knowledge and special attention. Hayes Tree Service prides itself on a team that understands palm trees better and with the objective of achieving your needs.


The health of your trees is one of the main things we take into account, and our arborist will use pruning techniques that will not damage anything in your home and clean, protect, and stabilize the trees. Your palm trees' well-being is a sure bet if you trust us with the job!

Palm tree trimming New Port Richey
palm tree before trimming job is started in New Port Richey
palm tree after trimming service by Hayes Tree Service

What We Do

We take tree care seriously. All trees are important to us, and our top professionals are some of the best in the industry. Our arborists put quality and safety first and adhere to the highest quality service standards, customer satisfaction, and business ethics stipulated by the Tree Care Industry Association.


We also utilize the most innovative, advanced, and environment-friendly solutions and use the best tools and applications for palm tree pruning.

We recommend products and services tailored for your trees and soil to help your trees grow healthy. Our professionals read the underlying issues or impending threats to your palm trees and provide a solution.


Please allow us to put a smile on your face and make your palm trees sway with the wind happily while taking it easy on your wallet.

Get Your Free Palm Tree Trimming Quote Today!

Your safety and that of your property are our top priority. We will ask you a few questions, and the relevant team will be posted to your location to assess the condition of your trees. We’ll involve you in every part of the process and give the best results possible. Hayes Tree Service Company hopes to be your partner and provide any other tree solutions such as palm tree cutting, you might need in the future. Call us to get your free estimates.

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