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Tree Service Near Shady Hills, FL.

One service that Shady Hills, FL, homeowners can’t live without is a nearby tree service.  Otherwise, their outdoor space soon seems overgrown, and their yards suffer.

Professional tree service contractors improve both your plants and your home’s curb appeal. When experienced technicians regularly maintain your trees, it even enhances your property values.

Hayes Tree Service provides affordable tree care contractors throughout Shady Hills, FL, and beyond. Whichever species grow in your lawns, we manage them all at low costs.

Healthier trees are happier ones, producing vibrant blossoms and tastier fruit. Give your plants the best “tree service near me” and hire us today.

The Best Tree Service

Shady Hills, FL

Not every tree service is the right choice for your property. Some services still offer tree topping, which should only be utilized in extreme circumstances.

Instead, our team only gives your trees what they need for better growth. From inspecting for signs of fungal growths to seasonal trimming, we offer it all.

Whether the HOA is giving you grief or you can’t find the time, choose us. You can count on our expert tree care contractors for services, such as:

  • Tree Removal

  • Tree Trimming

  • Emergency Tree Service

  • Tree Cutting

  • Stump Removal

  • Free Service Quotes


You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by your outdoor chores when you have us. Call us now to schedule our tree care experts for your plants.


Quality Work, Great Rates

Hayes Tree Service Inc 727-857-7673 Emergency tree service call underway - clearing a tree from the road in New Port Richey FL

If a tree decides to fall down, there is no way to stop it. The only strategy is get ahead of it before it falls or roots out.

From high winds to after-hours emergencies, we are at your service when you need us. Keep your household and family safe from tree issues with our specialists.

Hayes Tree Service Inc 727-857-7673 Doing Tree Removal for a customer

Tree cutting is a project that should only be performed by licensed tree care companies. All too often, the tree cutting process does not go as easily as you may expect.

​When the neighbor’s house is in the fall path, you can’t take {risks|any risks. Choose us for expert tree removal from safe and reasonably-priced contractors.

Hayes Tree Service taking care of some tree trimming for a local customer

Locating a reliable tree trimmer can be more challenging than you thought. You can’t always find someone who offers services for maple and palm tree trimming.

As your trusted name for tree trimming, customers in Shady Hills prefer us each time. Hire our contractors for professional pruning and trimming all year long.

Cutting Trees for a customer in New Port Richey FL

Tree cutting becomes necessary when limbs grow too long or heavy. When that happens, the tree starts to lean or can even tip over.

When the sun moves with the changing seasons, so do your plant’s needs. Professional cutting eliminates unnecessary limbs for healthier growth all year.

Our stump grinding machine in action, taking care of a difficult stump removal.

Once a tree gets removed from your yard, you have the stump to worry about. Luckily, you have convenient and affordable options when you hire us.

Stump grinding wears down the plant material until it becomes even with the ground. We can also take the teeth below grade a few inches to prevent root regrowth.

Nick and his crew came out and did a fantastic job, also too care of a small stump that we didn’t even talk about..... great owner to deal with and at a reasonable cost........ thanks for all that you do


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Shady Hills, FL. Local Tree Service 

When you have trees in trouble, you can’t wait all day for help. Instead, you deserve local contractors who arrive quickly each time you call.

As a locally owned and operated tree care contractor, we are always nearby. Our top technicians are just a call away for both scheduled maintenance and emergency services.

Wherever your trees call home in the  Shady Hills area, our team is already there. You can catch us serving the many neighborhoods in the city, such as:

  • Palm Harbor

  • Holiday

  • Tampa

  • Dade City

  • Hudson

  • Jasmine Estates

  • Odessa

  • Pasco County

  • And the immediate communities


Why struggle with out-of-town contractors that take all day to arrive? Beat rush-hour delays with our local tree care experts today.

One of our orange tree service trucks parked at a customers residence while we do a tree removal job
Two tree service workers put tension on the top of a palm tree to keep it from falling on the house when the other worker cuts the tree.

The Benefits of Professional Tree Services

When you employ landscapers for your plants, they may not constantly know the very best plant care practices. They concentrate on pruning your bushes and shrubs as rapidly as they can.

In the process, they can ignore early indications of poor health. Insect invasions, fungal growths, and mildew can hurt the plant and the roots as well.

Our specialists give each tree you own a thorough examination at every visit. Not just do we keep them looking their finest, but feeling it as well.

Whether you need brand-new saplings planted or upkeep on matured trees, call us. Our group preserves any trees you require for year-round professional results.

Why Hire Our Shady Hills, FL, Tree Service Contractors?

You thought your prayers were answered when a tree trimmer knocked on your door. They offered a low price to take care of your shaggy palm trees.

Ten minutes in, though, they already complain about the job. It doesn’t take long before they demand more money to finish.

If this sounds too familiar, know that you aren’t the only one who has experienced this. Instead, you can schedule our team for affordable tree care month after month.

Choosing us is fast, convenient, and affordable all year long. Keep your plants maintained the right way, and hire our contractors now.

The Best Tree Service Near Me in Shady Hills, FL

When your trees need aid, you can't choose just anybody. Your plants should have the top group around, supplying whatever they need.

From supplementing their nutrition to enhancing air and sun direct exposure, we keep them growing great. You do not have to touch a thing when our specialists tend to your plants.

We have years of experience in caring for a variety of native and non-native species. Whatever remains in your backyard, we can keep it looking lavish.

You don't need to have problem with power tools and ladders again. Employ Hayes Tree Service today.