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About Our New Port Richey, FL, Tree Service Contractors

When you need tree service contractors, you need someone who knows what they’re talking about. All too often, service providers in New Port Richey, FL, focus mainly on finishing the job fast.

That means that they take shortcuts - usually where they shouldn’t. When they use the wrong tools to cut through plants quickly, it only leaves messes.

Instead, you need a reliable tree care contractor that offers everything that your plants require. At Hayes Tree Service, we keep your trees growing at their best with:


Whatever you need for safer and healthier trees, we offer it every day. Keep your outdoor spaces looking great with trees that continue growing stronger.

About Our New Port Richey, FL, Tree Care Services

They may not look it, but trees are complicated living things that often require help. When they have too much overgrowth, too little nutrition, and other concerns, their growth becomes stunted.

It doesn’t take long for these plants to feel the strain, leading to poor health. You could soon see yellowing leaves, dropping limbs, and pale-looking bark.

One way to keep your plants healthy is by having us tend to them. Whether you need our contractors weekly, monthly, or seasonally, we’ll be there when you need us.

We care for a variety of different tree species for reliable upkeep all year. If you don’t have our team in your yards, your trees aren’t receiving enough care.

What Trees Require Contractor Services?

If it grows on your property, it needs to be cared for eventually. Otherwise, sick or dying plants can attract pests and grow fungi.

While they may seem lovely from your back patio, trees often require help. They can’t trim themselves or install mulching, leaving them vulnerable in the end.

Shade trees, fruit and nut trees, and flowering ones all have room for improvements. Unfortunately, when you don’t have knowledgeable contractors onsite, you may miss significant maintenance concerns.

Because we arrive week after week, your trees are in expert hands all year. Get the most from your exterior spaces and hire us for tree care services.

What Tree Species are Native to New Port Richey, FL?

One reason why tree care is so tricky is that home builders introduce non-native plants. While it may tie into a neighborhood’s theme, it doesn’t make for simple upkeep.

Sometimes, trees don’t take to the soil well because they aren’t suited for each other. A palm tree will require different planting conditions than an evergreen or other species.

No matter which trees that you have in your yard, we manage them all. Contact us to take care of your native plant species, such as:

  • American Elm

  • Bald Cypress

  • Green Ash

  • Laurel Oak

  • Live Oak

  • Longleaf Pine

  • Palm Trees

  • Pignut Hickory

  • Red Maple

  • Sand Pine

  • Southern Magnolia

  • Turkey Oak


From new sapling to older, more established trees, we tend to them all. Keep your plants lush, healthy, and growing well by hiring our contractors.

Why Hire Us for Local Tree Service Contractors?

Proper tree care includes more than owning a pair of trimming shears. Like all living things, your trees need sun, food, water, and fresh air

Trees that have dense canopies can begin to choke themselves out. By restricting the flow of oxygen and light, some portions become malnourished.

Other considerations are when a tree must get cut down and removed from the property. That is something that you can’t trust to just anyone who owns a chainsaw.

Whether you have sick trees, old stumps, or require weekly care, call us. Our contractors offer everything you and your trees need to enjoy lusher outdoor areas.

Tree Service Contractors Near Me New Port Richey, FL

Now that you know more about us, we’re eager for your call. We can’t wait to help your trees grow at their best.

Choose Hayes Tree Service for reliable New Port Richey tree care contractors.

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