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Tree Removal Company New Port Richey FL

Tree Removal Services in New Port Richey, Florida

At first, you think tree removal will be easy to pull off. All you need is a chainsaw and a can of gas, right?


Unfortunately, in a populated area like New Port Richey, FL, things get tricky quickly. Your backyard isn’t the best place to play lumberjack, especially without experience.

Hayes Tree Service offers fast and affordable tree removal services whenever you need us most. Choose us for tree felling, wood chipping, mulching, and other practical solutions.

Whether you need us weekly, monthly, seasonally, or only once, we’re your best contractors. Hire our affordable tree removal experts for your property now.

Tree Felling Service in New Port Richey, FL

One of the quickest ways of wrecking your property is with a falling tree. Worst still is when you’re the person holding the chainsaw.

Our experienced tree fellers ensure that your safety is our top priority. We arrive on time with full protective gear and professional equipment items.

Whether we work from the top-down or cleanly cut it, we complete any job. From sickly trees to nuisance ones, we quickly remove them all at affordable costs.

The longer a sickly tree is left in place, the more likely it will uproot. Don’t ignore your problem plants - hire our tree removal contractors today.

Wood Mulching Near Me New Port Richey, FL

Few services offer as much benefit to your yard as wood mulching. As with wood chips, mulching is strips and chunks of fresh plant materials.

Mulching offers a range of benefits, from fertilizing yards to keeping roots protected. You won’t need to fret over flooded lawns and winter cold snaps again.

Fresh wood mulch can offer weeks or even months of sustained benefits. And it makes for challenging terrain for pests and creepy crawlies.

You can’t always rely on bagged landscaping products to provide the look you desire. It takes our experienced service contractors to achieve your top results on every call.

Why Hire Us for Tree Removal Services?

If a tree gets uprooted, it often takes entire sections of the yard with it. As the roots maintain their grip on the surrounding soil, the tree hoists grass, sprinkler lines, and other items, too.

Once the tree comes crashing down, it brings hundreds of pounds with it. That can feel like a semi-truck barreling through your roof when it does.

The ideal way to prevent extensive property damage is to hire us. We know how to predict where trees will fall, as well as top-to-bottom leveling services.

Even if you aren’t sure whether a tree puts you at risk, we can assess your yard. Keep your family and your home safer by choosing our contractors for removal services. 

Wood Chipping Service New Port Richey, FL

One of the best things about removing a tree is its recyclability. Among other products made from trees, wood chips are among the most common.

These all-natural chunks of wood offer tons of nutrition for your plants. Plus, you aren’t purchasing them from the store where they sat on shelves for months.

Instead, we quickly break down any trees we, or anyone else, have felled. Even in the driving wind and rain, we chip any uprooted or cut plants.

A lost tree isn’t always the end of its usefulness for your yard. Call us and make short work of even your hardiest fallen trees and find ask us about stump removal.

The Best Tree Removal Service Near Me New Port Richey, FL

There can be no attitude of claiming “good enough” when removing your trees. When trees are sick, injured, or too top-heavy, things get even more complicated.

Eliminating your trees should only be handled by our local experts. We assess every situation to determine the safest and most efficient method.

Taking away trees that put your home at risk could even score you insurance discounts. That’s especially helpful once hurricane season rolls back around.

You can’t wait for your trees to decide when they will fall over. Instead, hire us at Hayes Tree Service.

Tree removal expert operating bobcat

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