History of bayonet Point

According to fivay.com, the name, Bayonet Point was inspired by a large rock that was covered with Spanish bayonets, which are a type of yucca plant.  This was around 1926 when they built state road 52.  Other sources say that the name Bayonet Point was used as early as 1888.


Either way, whether Bayonet Point was named in 1926 or in 1888 or earlier, it has surely had a rich history and a lot of tales to tell.


In the 1980’s, the population of Bayonet Point was about 16,000 or so.  In the 90’s, that figure grew to about 22,000.  Since then, it has gone on to level out at around 23,460.  That was probably about the max it could grow, as that number makes the area pretty population dense, at 4,136 people per square mile.  After all, Bayonet Point only has a geographic area of 5.7 square miles to begin with and part of that area (.1 sq mi) is water.


Some say that the population growth experienced in Bayonet Point from the 80’s to the 90’s was largely due to retirees moving to the area during that time.  This could further be evidenced by the fact that the median age now, 30+ years later, is about 49 years old, which would account for the passing of that older generation that moved there, and the aging of their generation of children.


If you are visiting the area, you might be surprised that there is a lot of things to do in Bayonet Point.  There are festivals, trade shows, and plenty of places to find entertainment and a bite to eat.



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